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A new communication brand. This .com domain name for chats & calls can be a new star that keeps us connected no matter where each one of us might be. It gives a clear impression what it is good for and sounds catchy at the same time. Made for telcos, communication providers, VoIP services, mobile and desktop apps, internet communications. Everything for chat.Get this perfectly short and catchy .com!!!! domain name: You may add phrases, any name and marketing keywords before this brandable name free for booking at

chat media banner

Use cases & USPs

Showcase your brand and products the way people think, talk and type.
Business & marketing: A new meaningful and catchy brand name makes people respond intuitively faster. Everyone knows chat. Chatric allows positive associations: Patrick, hat trick, trick, chatty, and more.
Geo relevance : Combine with a location, a city and region before and after: Home, travel, M1 highway, airport, Paris, Sansibar, Riad, Bora Bora, Singapore, ...
Social relevance : Address customers, members and users by their names for getting ultra close: Real names, avatar, nick and user names, even numbers are okay.
Meeting needs : Newer and better ways to stay connected with Chatric, free for booking at

We create context

The big players in this industry are Facebook, WeChat, Line, Google and Apple for it´s community. We also see Triller, which is kind of TicToc with communication skills. But where is the Robin Hood in this game of influence, of controlling power where it get´s even political. Maybe a crowd-based a people telecom takes the chance and demands the rights of everyone. As Xtr we can bring in our share with platform services, names, like & and an expertise of 20 years in communications.

Target groups   #families #singles #children #fans #followers #students #travelers #commuters #experts #vip #influencers #sporty #teams

Chatric in news & media

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